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the ultimate recycling D:
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New Glowing Dichroic Glass Installations by Chris Wood are Activated by Sunlight

British artist Chris Wood (previously) continues to create sculptural dichroic glass installations. The artist forms seemingly spare geometric shapes in windows and on on white panels, which come to life with streaks of color when hit with sunlight. You can see more of Wood’s work, including large scale installations and commissions, on her website and Instagram. She’ll also be opening her studio for Cambridge Open Studios in July, 2018.


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Introducing: The spice rack

This logo is supposed to be 3 piles of different colored spices

Add a little flavor to your soup!

The spice rack group is a collection of scripts, styles, bookmarklets, etc. to help you customize your soup, or your soup experience.

We also keep documentation on how to install these.

If you cannot find an enhancement you are looking for, you can make requests.

Please post feedback to @nordern

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Soup.io image loading repair script for your friends stream
@nordern postet this awesome Bookmarklet script that fixes the broken soup images of the actual page.
However, it is not the best solution since the soup has a lot of broken images right now.

Here is a piece of code you can copy and paste into your about field on your soup profile.
From now on when ever you browse your friends stream within your profile (http://your-soup-name.soup.io/friends) this script tries to fix the broken images.

Happy scrolling everyone and be excellent to each other!
Source code
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